The Genpak Flexible Technical Team is very active in new product development as well as packaging improvements and enhancing efficiencies. 

All new development, or trials, are tested internally before arriving at our customer’s facility, to be sure that the package we build is truly the best fit for the consumer and its intended end use.

Our team will follow each trial to the food processors facility to monitor the qualification process.

This affords us firsthand knowledge of how the layers of the packaging performs and gives our customers the extra support needed when trying to change or launch a product.

We offer onsite support to our customers for troubleshooting or problem solving issues.

Both our Technical and Quality Control Departments share strong relationships with all of our suppliers. We feel this is critical to the development process and gives our customers a confidence that comes from years of experience in food packaging.


Chris Mayes
Technical Manager
Genpak Flexible Aurora
June 21, 2016

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