Quality Control
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The Genpak Philosophy is that the shop floor employees are responsible for quality first. Production personnel are given the tools and training to measure and maintain good product quality.
We have back up QC coverage around the clock to perform more detailed inspection and testing at each stage of our process.

Genpak guarantees that the films, foils, papers and polyolefin materials used in packaging manufactured, and supplied to you, are approved for Direct Food Contact under various and appropriate FDA articles. Additionally, the material satisfies the Packaging Regulations for heavy metals of Directive 94/62/EC as well as the regulations set forth by the Canadian Food and Drug Association, as stated in Division 23 – Food Packaging Materials.

All inks used are CoNEG compliant, based on consideration that there is a functional barrier between the ink film and the product. 
Any coatings used on the material comply with the European Union food contact regulations, including the framework directive 89/109/EEC, and Directive 2002/72/EC (as amended by 2004/19/EC). 
All components of the adhesives being used comply with the FDA 21 Code of Federal Regulation 175.105.

Examples of testing include bar code verification, solvent retention testing (GC), colour consistency using the X-Rite systems, O2TR, IR Spectrometry, tensile testing, burst strength, heat seal / cold seal strength, coefficient of friction (COF), thickness and basis weights measurements.
Incoming raw materials are checked before using and each master roll produced is subjected to a series of testing, that may be repeated at downstream operations.
Third party Labs may be used for more specialized testing, including WVTR and Pathogen levels.

Our Lab maintains Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) and Work Instructions (WIN's).

• Certificates of Analysis can be provided upon request.
• Our QC function coordinates the GMP and HACCP within our audited Food Safety program. 
• We have a Certified HACCP Auditor, Food Defense Coordinator and SQF Practitioner/Internal Auditor on site. 
• Our current rating with the American Institute of Baking International is a score of 930/1000. Our last audit date was March 2016.


QC Manager
Genpak Flexible Aurora
Date: June 21, 2016