Pre-made bags and pouches are an excellent packaging option for your products. Genpak Flexible packaging, manufactures a variety of pre-made bags and pouches, allows for increased versatility and consumer convenience. Additionally, our pre-made bags are printed using exceptionally high printing quality, so you can rest assured that your products will stand out from the competition.

With Genpak Flexible pouch packaging, you will reduce the packaging of your products in
comparison to rigid packaging options available. Reduced packaging is not only sure to please
your consumers, but will also make storage, distribution and even the transportation of your
products more convenient and cost effective.

We are proud to offer a wide variety of pre-made bags and pouches to ensure you find the perfect
flexible packaging option for your product. Our stand up pouches are the perfect way to ensure
your product gets noticed. Genpak Flexible pre-made bags and pouches can also be the perfect
solution for multi-use or single serve applications and will provide consumers with easy access to
your product.

If you are interested in our pre-made bags, have questions , please contact us today and we'll be
happy to assist you!

Stand-up pouches / Sideweld wicketed poly bags / Square bottom paper bags with or
without window Tin tied paper bags.

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Genpak Flexible Packaging - Pre Made Bags & Flexible Pouch Packaging