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Flexible Packaging - Flexible Rollstock
If you are searching for flexible rollstock, look no further than Genpak Flexible. We offer a wide array of combinations of films, foils and papers to serve the coffee, confectionary, snack, medical and pet food industries.

Why should you use flexible rollstock from Genpak Flexible on your products?
With our exceptional graphic reproductions and superior printing quality, our
custom printed rollstock is sure to add value to your product. Rollstock is
not only visually appealing, as it is a great way to stylishly showcase your
company logo, company artwork and company information, but it is also
functional for snack food packaging. Rollstock instantly lets your customers
know that your product has remained freshly sealed from day one. By
sealing your product with rollstock from Genpak Flexible, you can increase
your products' lifespan and know that your customers will appreciate the
visible tamper evident protection.

Rollstock from Genpak Flexible allows you to keep your brand impressions
as fresh as the products inside!
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Combinations of films, foils and papers
Design barrier requirements for end use
Exceptional graphic reproductions
Serving the coffee, confectionary, snack, medical and pet food industries