If you're currently using pre-made window bags, you need to consider using Genpak Flexible's exclusive die cut paper window bags.
Pre-made window bags are often bulky, so they require plenty of storage space prior to being filled with your product. In addition, using pre-made window bags means that you must ensure you have labor who can continually feed the hopper or even manually pack your product into them.
With the use of Genpak Flexible's exclusive die cut paper window bag roll stock, you can
better automate your processes to help you save money! Our die cut paper window bag
roll stock will allow you to decrease the amount of inventory space once required to store
bulky pre-made bags prior to packing by as much as 40%. Additionally, by using our
exclusive die cut paper window bag roll stock, you'll be able to further automate your
business by reducing the amount of manual packers required.
The quality of our die cut paper window bag rollstock is unmatched and your customers will
be sure to notice. The die cut window allows customers to see directly into the packaging.
Your customers will love that they can actually look right into the bag to see the high quality
product that you've worked so hard to develop and deliver to them.

To learn more about how Genpak Flexible's exclusive die cut paper window bag can help
your business, contact us today! 
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Curious about Die Cut Paper Window Bags? Here are the facts . . .
EXCLUSIVE TO GENPAK FLEXIBLE - Our Die Cut Paper Window Bag can't be beat !
FACT 1: Reduced labor cost.
The number of manual packers will be
reduced!! No need to continually feed
the hopper.

FACT 2: Longer product shelf life.
The die cut rollstock provides better barrier
than pre-made bags. It can be manufactured
to be flushable for extended shelf life.
FACT 3: Increased output/man hours.
By automating the packaging, there will be an increase in the number of packages/hour produced.

FACT 4: Less inventory space required.
The Die Cut Roll stock will take 40% less storage space & fewer skids to handle, than bulky pre-made bags prior to packing.
FACT 5: Infestation eliminated.
Insects cannot enter the bag because the package is now heat sealed