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Here at Genpak Flexible, we are proud to offer a full assortment of flexible packaging products
to supply the coffee industry. With our coffee packaging products, both traditional and
compostable, you can be sure that your coffee products will stand out and entice customers,
but will keep your coffee at its freshest.

We offer coffee packaging supplies which are environmentally friendly, as our packages and
their valves are compostable, making them the perfect solution for waste stream reduction.
Plus, our packaging is convenient, easy to transport, and will look great on a store shelf
display. Our Genpak Flexible coffee webs, compostable lidding and other coffee and coffee bean
packaging bags will ensure that the packaging you use to contain and display your product is
just as high quality as your product is.

Our coffee packaging products are sure to keep your customers satisfied, your
product its freshest and help to make it stand out from the competition.

Have a question regarding our coffee webs or compostable lidding?
Contact us today and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Full range of products to supply coffee industry.
Products for high speed applications.
Products for source reduction.
Compostable packages with compostable valves.
Registered matte finish.
Coffee Bean & Coffee Packaging Products, Coffee Webs & Compostable Lidding